We believe that healthcare and, more specifically, medical technology and equipment will persist as a thriving sector within Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley. As industry leaders innovate and new companies form and grow, we will continue to see opportunities for investment.

Pleasanton is a hub of med-tech activity Pleasanton has become a destination for med-tech companies, which are attracted to the abundance of office space available at significant discounts to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The highest demand for office space in the Tri-Valley has been for healthcare and medical device companies, accounting for nearly 25% of all commercial space needs.21 Scott Raty, president and CEO of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce, noted that Pleasanton’s proximity to the two national labs is appealing to healthcare companies that want to be on the front lines of faster, cheaper and more portable DNA analysis. Post-9/11 government investment in LLNL specific to bio weapons and DNA analysis has created an additional resource that biotech companies are leveraging. Greg Hitchan, founder and CEO of Tri-Valley Capital, said med-tech companies come to Pleasanton because “the expertise is here.”