The compelling quality of life attracts an educated workforce

The San Francisco and Silicon Valley exodus is not the only driver of Tri-Valley growth; the Tri-Valley is attracting people from across the country and the world who come for the quality of life and positive business environment. Pamela Ott, Economic Development Director for the City of Pleasanton, said that most of the growth she is seeing is driven by the expansion of existing companies and locally grown businesses, rather than from companies leaving San Francisco and Silicon Valley for cheaper pastures.

Quality workforce

The compelling quality of life in the Tri- Valley attracts an educated workforce and encourages them to stay in the area, helping companies grow as they retain happy employees. Tri-Valley companies and national laboratories hire employees with advanced degrees and attract foreign-born science and engineering professionals to the region, leading to a highly-educated population. “The labs are a talent magnet,” says Brandon Cardwell, Executive Director of i-GATE Innovation Hub in Livermore.