We believe specific sectors such as medical technology and cloud services are primed to capitalize on this evolution. Mirador’s deep network within Pleasanton gives us a unique ability to gain firsthand insight into this local investment potential. After studying these sectors and analyzing the strong local companies within them, we believe there are compelling investment opportunities in our immediate community.

Our thesis began to form as we witnessed companies within Pleasanton experience incredible success in recent years. We found that an index comprised of public companies headquartered in the Tri-Valley would have outperformed the S&P by over 26% over the last five years.1 To examine the underlying drivers of this outperformance, we began by connecting with the Economic Development Directors and heads of Chambers of Commerce of several Tri- Valley cities to get their take on the area’s evolution. These leaders each told a similar story: that people and companies alike are drawn to the positive business environment and high quality of life offered within the Tri-Valley. These factors are creating a new epicenter of productivity in the Tri-Valley from which exciting businesses are growing and thriving.


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